10 Key Policy Challenges

The ‘system’ that multiple needs policy and delivery works within is highly complex; its extent is far reaching and growing. Too many people have repeatedly fallen through the cracks within provision, over many years, and the situation is exacerbated by the fact that the nature of policy surrounding the issues continually changes. Austerity and cuts within public services have led to shifts in priorities at national and local levels, and have also been twinned with the perception of an increasing gap between acute and community based services, making it increasingly difficult for individuals with multiple needs to progress.

Stakeholders across the public and social sectors are increasingly seeking new and alternative ways to support those with multiple needs.  Clearly, addressing the issues through piecemeal and fragmented approaches will not work and results in failure.  Instead, places need to use their existing powers and relationships to collaborate and address the issue in a coordinated manner.  Click  here  to read ten key challenges facing policy makers and practitioners, and the nature of responses required through a place and relationship based approach.

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