Learning & Evaluations

Learning and Evaluation

One of the most important aspects of this test and learn programme is the dissemination of the learning that is generated. This is important in influencing how policy, commissioning and the delivery of services is shaped over the coming years, both up to and beyond the lifetime of Waves of Hope.

The learning will be communicated in three ways:

  1. Through formal evaluation, undertaken for the programme more widely, and through smaller evaluations for individual activities, such as the range of Test and Learn pilots that Waves of Hope funds. All evaluation reports will be made available in this section of the website.
  2. Through policy and learning briefings which reflect on the range of work which is undertaken as part of Waves of Hope, and beyond across Liverpool. This will provide a summary of specific components of work, how they are providing added value, and what the implications are for policy development and future decision making about commissioning.
  3.  Papers and briefings which examine wider issues with regards to systems change, how to effectively achieve this and the barriers in place which need to be overcome.
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Evaluation Reports

IPSOS Mori is the evaluation partner for the programme.

Year 1 report: May 2016, this report focuses primarily on the processes and workings of Waves of Hope, providing a baseline on work up to that point and recommendations for further improving the functions across the programme.

Year 2 report: April 2017, this report provides learning and outcomes, primarily derived from a range of individual case studies. It illustrates the value for money of the approach being taken across Waves of Hope, together with a range of suggested priorities for the partnership to focus upon.

Year 3 report: May 2018, this report has been published, providing an overview of where the programme is positioned as it heads into its final year of delivery.  As Waves of Hope begins to focus upon its exit and legacy, this report supports the development of a number of key strategic priorities to take forward.


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Test and Learn Pilots

Test and Learn Pilots

The aim of the pilots is to test different approaches to addressing the issues facing people with multiple needs, which may be at odds with current commissioned services . The following Test and Learn pilots are currently being undertaken:
• Lincus tool, a cutting edge evaluation and change management tool which records soft outcomes for service users on a frequent basis, allowing a real time understanding of progress on individual and collective outcomes.

• New relationships programme to tackle domestic abuse amongst people with multiple needs.

• Cognitive Analytic Training for staff and volunteers across the programme (including the Intensive Support Service and Peer Mentors). This was developed based on the success of the approach being implemented within the Accommodation Based Support element of the programme.

• Lived experience hub, providing a venue where people with lived experience can meet informally, engage in shared activities and share experience.

• Flexible fund is a personalised budget helping service users supporting their long term goals and outcomes, whilst also overcoming individual barriers to engage with the programme.

Outcomes emerging from these, together with any evaluation reports, will be published on this page.

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Want to learn more?

For further information on learning and evaluation, email info@liverpoolwavesofhope.org.uk or call 0151 708 4659