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Liverpool Waves of Hope

Liverpool Waves of Hope is part of the Big Lottery’s national Fulfilling Lives programme with the primary aim of influencing systems change to ensure there are appropriate services in place to support adults with complex needs.

The £10m project is one of 12 in England to receive the Big Lottery funding to provide intensive support for adults with needs in at least three of the following areas: homelessness, reoffending, substance misuse and mental health. There are four main aspects to the programme delivered through a partnership of local experienced providers; intensive support, an accommodation based support service, peer mentoring and Waves New Beginnings, which provides meaningful activities for service users.

Services delivered as part of the Liverpool Waves of Hope programme provide a level of support otherwise unavailable to clients in the City. Working with people that have lived experience of the complexities faced by clients in navigating support services ensures there are no wrong doors for those that need help.

We have placed client engagement at the heart of what we do to enable to be involved with the development, management, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of the programme; understanding that co-creation model is fundamental to improving outcomes.

The project is funded until June 2019.

We produce regular policy and learning papers that reflect our work.

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Project aims

Project aims:

  • Connect people with multiple needs to the right services and through a more person centred approach achieve better engagement.
  • Influence future policy and commissioning by testing new ways of working bringing together decision makers on a multi-agency basis to develop pathways and identify gaps in the current system.
  • Change the lives of people with multiple needs by building on evidence to influence systems change to allow a sustainable future pathway for service users.

92% are showing a reduction in A&E use

Lottery funded

Lottery Funded

Liverpool Waves of Hope is part of the Big Lottery’s national Fulfilling Lives programme.

Impact so far

The programme has already made a significant impact locally and is helping to reduce pressure on local services; the majority of Liverpool Waves of Hope service users have already reported a reduction in their A&E visits, substance use and arrests.

Liverpool Waves of Hope have supported 377 people

  • 77% say their rough sleeping has been reduced
  • 70% show a reduction in the number of arrests
  • 73% report an improvement in their overall wellbeing
  • 64% have reported a reduction in substance misuse

These are important changes, reducing the reliance on overstretched crisis services within the city. But Waves of Hope goes much further than that. It provides a platform for increasing wellbeing, self-confidence and reducing social isolation, all central to helping some of the most vulnerable people in society lead better, more independent lives.